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Mounted Low Volume Sprayers



With REVOLUTION frame and tank, with capacities of 400 / 500 / 600 / 750 and 800 litres, the low volume is characterised as a high professional product, ideal for medium and large size agricultural undertakings that are seeking to save both time and product.Heads modular feature allows producing machines that satisfy customer’s demands, according to the type of vineyard or orchard to treat, besides the characteristics of the user’s tractor.Available also in 200, 300 and 400 litres and with special versions (for example for vineyard in slopes).The lead nut of the Ø 400 and 450 turbine with 2 lower outputs is ideal for vineyards. Two more upper outputs can be added to use a hand or cannon, whereas with the lead nut of the Ø 470 and 500 mm turbine you can devise heads with multiple outputs for orchards or to treat several rows of vineyards at the same time.

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