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Mounted Low Volume Sprayers



Polyethylene tank with ultra-violet inhibitor, in accordance with EU directives /fiberglass tank upon request). Hot galvanized steel chassis. Diaphgram high pressure pump. Double brass pressure control with open/close control on tractor (electrical control upon  request). External suction filter with valve for filling the tank and cleaning thr circuit.

  • Oil-bath gearbox with disengagement lever.
  • Automatic iron clutch.
  • High performance steel turbine available in 400,450, 470 and 500 mm. diameters.
  • Chassis for turbine available in steel or in aluminium for 400 and 450 mm. diameters /A130/140).
  • Modular output heads made by aluminium or hot galvanized steel (upon request hydraulic, electrical or electrical/hydraulic output heads control).
  • Changeable output heads for the treatment of all kind of vineyards, even with more lines somultaneously, orchard, open field crops or greenhouses.

  • Save treatments cost of about 60÷75% saving up to 75% of your time!
  • Distribution starting from very low volume (50 litres/hectare) up to normal volume (1500 litres/hectare), with advised low volume of 150÷250 litres/hectare.
  • Any obstruction problems of the BV nozzles (made of brass, with a large hole for the water passage, that is pulverized by the air and not by an irroration nozzle).
  • Nebulization uniformly delivered starting from very close to the output heads, with a great penetration of the product inside the plant.
  • Great flexibility of the machine tanks to the modularity of the output heads and the chance to realize, with our collaboration, special heads for any vineyard, orchard, open field crop or greenhouse, and with the inox steel diffusers, available with many different diameters, adjustable and with independent shut-off, one may avoid useless dispersion and treat exactly where it is necessary.
  • Manufacturing of the output heads with excellent quality of the raw materials, made for last throughout the years; aluminium, brass, inox steel. Plastic ? No, thanks !
  • Centrifugal high performance turbine with automatic iron clutch, therefore no torsion over the PTO shaft.
  • Diaphgram high pressure pump (580 p.s.i.) for a perfect miscelation of the product, and with the disengagement of the turbine there is the chance to use the machine as a normal irrorator, with all its accessories (i.e.: handguns).
  • Low power adsorption, tractors already from 40HP are welcomed!
  • Strong, easy to use and easy to mantain.

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