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- Multispan and Gothic Greenhouses



Rufepa designs, manufacture and assemble this greenhouse structure. Due to its high apaptation to the different weather conditions it can be name the most common greenhouse design. This design can work under very hot /cold weather conditions. The minimun temperatures of our design can reach very low temperatures and on the contrary in very hot locations reaching +50ºC outside the greenhouse. The equipments included in this projects are ready to maintain the greenhouse internal temperature in the range of +16ºC / +30 ºC.

Rufepa designs greenhouse with high resistances to winds, snow, crop load, etc. These are reinforced greenhouses, to be able to stand with the thoughest climate conditions.

Our greenhouses covered with corrugated policarbonate are suitable for dessertic or very hot areas to resist heavy winds or sandstorms. Whether there is very cold temperatures, in this case we will provide cellular policarbonate (from 4 mm to 16 mm), to raise the level of isolation, as a consequence the greenhouse will demand less energy.

Section size will be different according to the load to support, being usually 2,00 - 2,50 -3,00 - 4,00 -5,00 - 6,00 m.

The volume of air to maintain in the greenhouses should be the highest as possible, for this reason our height below gutter in our design goes to the 6,5 metres, being in the case the top height of the greenhouse 9 metres. To provide the best ventilation to the plants we include single or double roof ventilation on every tunnel.

Cover material of this multispan or gothic greenhouse is usually the plastic, which can be double or single but also it is possible to have Policarbonate cover to improve isolation or resistance.

Rufepa can remark the following designs:

Gothic greenhouse: Gothic arch roofing and bays of 9,60, 11,2 and 12,80 meters, as standard sizes. Anyhow our engineering department can customize the size of the greenhouse baywidth. The shape fo the gothic roof  increases the volume m3/m2 of surface, better ligth transmission, better release of humidity under plastic and bigger height of the roof ventilation, this give us a better ventilation.

Our models are:

  • Model R- MT96
  • Model R- MT112
  • Model R- MT128

Multi Span or round arch: bays of 6,40, 7,40, 8,00 y 9,00 m.

  • Model R-MT64
  • Model R-MT74
  • Model R-MT80
  • Model R-MT90

Policarbonate Greenhouse (PC), cellular or corrugated:

  • Model R-MT80PC
  • Model R-MT96PC
  • Model R-MT128PC

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