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- Front Mounted Cambridge Rollers


The NRH Front Mounted Cambridge Roller consolidates consistently across the width of the tractor.  Optional breaker rings help to break the clod and float to keep the press clean.  Made in the UK from top quality materials, they are designed for long life with minimum maintenance.

Fitting a tine frame to a Front Press allows the whole width to be levelled and cultivated. Jackpot and heavy duty rigid tines meet the need for effective consolidation and the creation of a fine, level seedbed on light, medium and heavier soils. They have the effect to increase the cultivation action, crushing clods, improve levelling the surface and save time and money preparing the ideal seedbed. The heavy duty 80x10 spring steel paddle tines have a greater vibration effect to improve levelling while the boards themselves cultivate and consolidate. 3 or 4 metre tine frames available for 1.5m presses. Fitting a 3 or 4 metre tine carrier to a 1.5m Front NRH Press allows the whole width to be levelled and cultivated whilst the 1.5m, presses between the tractor wheels and the tractor wheels press the rest of the working width. Double tine and paddle options now available for an even greater working capacity.

  • 4 spoke rings for strength and weight
  • 60mm axles complete with high quality grease able bearings
  • Self steering system
  • Quick release safety A frame
  • Polypropylene wear strip
  • Spring tines, paddle tines and heavy duty tines optional

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