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The OH model onion harvesting machine stems from the twenty-year experience in the harvesting machines of the company promoters. OH series is a harvester conceived to harvest onions in open fields for those companies which have high-quality needs in terms of harvest. OH series has maintained the philosophy of SANDEI machinery, but it has been improved in order to be a heavy-duty, reliable, versatile machine with a wide range of attachments which allow configuring the machine, thus meeting every need you may have in onion harvesting.

The first OH harvester – acronym of Onion Harvester – was designed by MTS engineers in 2009, inspired by the unstoppable machines capable of bearing the hard work of farms that require reliability. For this reason they chose to install the heavy-duty, reliable, Turbocharged common rail direct injection 6068 John Deere. The supporting frame completely redesigned and built in  Fe 52 structural stainless steel to give greater resilience and resistance. Ergonomic cab with air conditioning to enhance the operator’s comfort by providing MORE internal room, the utmost visibility, user-friendly control dashboard and ergonomic controller. Drive pinions, belts covered with rubber to protect them against wear.

All of this results in a range of harvesters that are making the history of onion harvesting by offering a machine that can be customized to the needs of every farm: from the one needing a “small” machine with a harvesting capacity of 40 tons/h to the OHx conceived for firms needing a high hourly output up to a max of 60 tons/h for an average output per hectar of 80 tons per hectar.

MTS with the OH series aims at meeting the needs of each customer by offering a wide choice of attachments for the whole range, which can customize your own harvester according to your own needs.

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