Orchard Ripper



Frames All models are made with extra heavy-duty frames constructed of 5' x 7' x ½' rectangular structural steel tubing. Steel Rings Rings are welded construction and hard faced between rings to eliminate wear. The floating ring design works excellent on contours between rings and uneven ground. Specially mounted  teeth are designed to take on the heaviest soils.

  • Rollers 8' x 3/8' pipe with a 1-1/4' shaft for bearing, the roller is also used for depth adjustment.    Shanks The shanks are 1' thick and have a full 24' clearance between the frame and the point for  maximum ripping depth.
  • Points The 2-3/8' wide by 6-inch long slip on points are cast of a high chrome iron for maximum  durability.
  • Wear Shins Pre-cast high chrome iron wear resistant shins on leading edge of shanks.

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