- Model 1500 Series - Cultivator, Planter Stalkpuller Toolbars



Orthman’s 1500 Series Toolbars are the leading folding toolbars in the row crop industry. The innovative internal fold 4' x 24' cylinders can be set to fold the toolbar to 90°, 115°, 135°, or 180°. 1500 Toolbars are factory set to fold to the degree specified with the order. 1500 Series Toolbars are available in size configurations up to 16 row 30'. Hinges are 14' wide and line-bored for smooth hinge movement and superior strength. The strong construction, utilizing 3/8' wall tubing (1/2' wall tubing center sections on models totaling more than 35’ in total length), makes the 1500 Series Cultivator Toolbar a durable choice.

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