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Overhead Crop Netting



Smart Net System's Overhead Crop Netting consists of a suspended, full enclosure application and is ideal for blueberry netting, strawberry netting, saskatoon berry netting, vineyard netting and other crop protection against birds.  The system fully encloses your crop by mounting the nets above the canopy with wires running through the edge meshes, which are simply drawn out along the field to spread or retrieve. When the nets are spread the wires are simply clipped together to make an uninterrupted canopy cover. The nets are stored on the wires at the end of the field when not in use. Smart Net Systems overhead bird and crop protection netting is UV-treated polyethylene – 1300 denier thickness X 22mm square on the diamond, with heavy 15ply meshes on each edge. A cord is threaded through each edge to facilitate threading onto support wires.

  • Protects your crop while harvesting
  • The crop is not exposed to predators: your netting remains in place while harvesting. Just lift the panels at the end of the row to allow access for harvesters or equipment.
  • Allows for mixed variety harvesting times without crop exposure.
  • Birds cannot push the netting onto the vines or bushes allowing contact with the fruit by picking through the netting.
  • Vines can be managed under the netting.
  • Properly installed and managed overhead systems will outlast draped style or side netting as it does not contact the plants.
  • After your initial installation, less labor is required in spreading and removal of netting on a yearly basis; just slide your netting to end of the row and cover for the winter.
  • No expensive machinery needed to install or remove netting.

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