Kromel Makine Sanayi A.S.

Pasteurized Drinking Milk Lines



Storaging of Milk , pasteurization and filling units for daily drinking milk production line. Capacity range :1500 lt/h and 10.000 lt/h.

  • From 1000lt to 100000 lt capacities for pasteurized Milk Storage Tanks
  • Special accessories and equipments for a variety of product and tank capacities.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Isothermal system options
  • Electrical systems(Protection grade IP 65 conforming to the European standards)
  • All machines and equipments are built in AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel end special accessories for foodstuffs.
  • Entrirely build according to the European Regulation CE.

  • Possibility from 1000 lt/h to 10.000 lt/h capacity
  • Plated and Tubuler pasteurization systems,
  • Special design for liquid food industyr ,
  • Special plate and pasteurization options for product
  • High hygenic conditions
  • Electro mechanic PID controlle options
  • Compact design
  • Accurancy Heat Controller
  • Electrical cabinet suitable for IP65 norms
  • PLC automatic control options (included remote comminication options, remote control option, automatic start with one button, touch-screen panel
  • Safety pasteurization with back pressure system.
  • Paperless Video recorder
  • Automatic CIP possibility
  • Schdmit plates , which are approved by GERMAN TUV

  • Possibility from 1.000 PC/h to 3.000 pct/h capacity
  • Suitable for all liquids
  • Volumetric filling ability
  • PLC and PID controlle options
  • Automatic CIP cleaning possibility
  • Complete Stainless steel made.

Possibility from 1500 plastic bottle /h to 5.000 plastic bottle /h

  • Rinsing Unit: It turns the bottles upside down and clenas them by wate wettings into them.The machine bears manual settings according to bottle length an diameter.
  • Filling Unit: The liquid that enters upper tank with level control applied flows trough the nozzles and fills the bottles without vacuum system.
  • Capping Unit:Capps that arrives at the transfer Wheel from the cap lining reservoir and screws them onto the bottle mouth with an adjustable legs.
  • Labelling Machine:Full auotmatic with PLC control cutting labels from a bobin to round bottles made of plastic and sticking the same in full wrapping using hot glue.
  • PLC contolle
  • Automatic Cip possibility
  • Complete stasnless steel made.

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