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- Model Fattoria - Continuous Processing Plant



Fattoria is the continuous processing plant specially designed by Pieralisi Group to meet the needs of those who wish to process small quantities of olives, but is also suitable for batch processing. This plant is planned for the growers who process limited quantities of top quality olives, whose dream to make their own oil can now become a reality. Olive growers will be able to immediately process the olives they pick daily, thus obtaining an oil of superior quality: a home-made product with all the hygiene, perfection and faultlessness that only centrifugal extraction can offer.

The basic version of the Fattoria plant consists:

  • a hammer crusher
  • a FATTORIA kneading group,
  • a monopump to transfer the olive paste to the centrifuge,
  • an EFFE series centrifugal extractor with vibro-filter oil collecting tank
  • electric control panel
  • framework

The basic configuration of the Fattoria plant can be upgraded by additing:

  • leaves remover
  • olives washing machine with elevator or, as an alternative olives washing machine OPTIMA L10 with olives screw elevator
  • husk evacuation section
  • CUCCIOLO separator with oil collecting tank

  • Small dimensions
  • High reliability
  • 2 or 3-phase processing
  • Excellent performance

The plant can be equipped with a Leopard 2 decanter (DMF technology) as well.

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