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- Stone Grinders



Plaisance Equipements build stone grinders from wine-growing mulcher to industrial grinder.

PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS stone grinders are specially designed to grind limestone.

  • They are used in all types of agricultural and public works; grinding stones in the field, windrows, scree, walls and curbs, rebuilding logging tracks, repairing plots of land after work has taken place (gas pipelines).
  • They have made been used to make many advances, in particular in terms of being able to work in wet conditions. An articulated door, which is controlled by two cylinders, prevents projections towards the rear. It can be fully opened to cope with obstacles when reversing: walls, scree, etc.
  • The hydraulic grading adjustment is particularly useful in the cultivation of farmland and compaction in public works, and means that it can be used in wet conditions.

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