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It is well known that you will have to aerate your lawn if you want that maintained appearance which makes others green with envy. It is also well known that chemicals and fertilisers have only a limited effectiveness in providing healthy looking turf. In fact, they can do more harm than good if they are not used properly as part of a full maintenance programme. For instance, if fertilisers are applied to the surface of compacted turf (and most lawns are compacted) it just sits there, as does water whether it comes in the form of rain from above or irrigation via the meter. This is because the air gaps between the soil have been closed by foot traffic so there is not downward path. In this situation the natural thing for the grass roots to do is to turn upward and feed near the surface making shallow rooting turf with a thick layer of thatch.

Thatch dries out in drought conditions and requires even more irrigation and fertiliser to keep the grass going. This in itself creates even more thatch. The way to avoid this situation is to take out hollow cores. The holes left behind introduce oxygen to the grass roots. The grass roots require oxygen to remain healthy and prevent disease. The fertiliser and water washes down the holes to the grass root zone encouraging deep rooting grasses which are the most healthy and best able to withstand drought and disease. They also look better and more healthy.

Plugger working round flower bedsRemember, it's the health of what's hidden below the surface that determines the appearance of the lush green lawns we all want to enjoy.

The Plugger PL410 is the ideal tool for aerating lawns. It's narrow  at only 22 inches wide so access through the most difficult gateways and access areas will be a thing of the past. The Plugger PL410 is so simple and easy to use almost anyone can operate it after only a few moments instruction.

What makes the Plugger so different is it's ability works in difficult areas. Manoeuvering around trees, curved edges, banks, or up to walls etc... is really very simple making it the most versatile aerator available on the market today.

Simply aerating your lawn as part of a basic maintenance plan will make a huge difference in keeping your lawn, green healthy and lush no matter what weather conditions we in the UK are faced with this year.

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