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Pot Gerberas

Flowering plant suitable for indoors, a conservatory or the patio. Native to South Africa, these compact herbaceous perennials have large lobed leaves that have a hairy texture. The daisy like flowers come in a broad range of colours, single and double form and have a long vase life.

Gerbera prefer full or filtered sunlight and a temperature range from warm to cool, tolerating temperatures as low as 5 degrees centigrade. Water regularly from spring to autumn, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. It is critical to ensure that gerbera in containers are grown in a good quality potting mix and that the mix does not become water logged or the pots sit in water. Feed with a low nitrogen fertiliser in the summer and avoid feeding during the winter months. Gerbera are susceptible to aphids, spider mites, white fly and grey mould. Perfect for a pot of colour indoors or on the patio.

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