Potters Poultry

Poultry Multi Tier Aviary System


The Potters Poultry multi tier aviary system is different. Why? It is designed by farmers with over 21 years experience in aviarys to be used by farmers. It is designed with easy bird management as a priority. It is the most open system available making it better to see and manage the hens.

  • A simple support system with very little of the structure fixed to the floor - meaning easy cleaning and open bird access across the house. 
  • An endlessly adaptable system to suit any building. 
  • Lighting available on all levels to minimise floor eggs. 
  • Minimal distances between tiers to reduce flight requirements of hens, therefore reducing injury. 
  • All eggs to one level and one collection point.
  • Choice of belt numbers to suit layout design and building dimensions. 
  • Ideally suited to new, refurb or conversion projects.
  • All necessary perching provided within the system. 
  • Supplied as part of a complete package to provide a turnkey project. 
  • Supplied by a UK company with 25 years experience with manure belts and nesting within Free Range and Barn cage free systems.
  • Also available with integrated nests.

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