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Sometimes the characteristics that make for quality mulch are in the eye of the beholder because appearance is often the dominating factor when choosing mulch. However, costs of typical pine, hemlock, and cedar mulches have increased sharply in recent years, and therefore people are beginning to rethink why they want these mulches. And they're coming up with the answer: They don't.

In recent years, dark brown or black mulch and mulch with a soil-like appearance have become more popular than the wood-derived mulches and the red-colored mulches. Thus Agresource created Super Mulch, blended from bark mulch and Agresoil Compost. Not only does the dark color of Super Mulch highlight flowers, it does not have to be removed each year. Typically, mulches derived from wood (e.g., colored-wood mulches) have a high carbon to nitrogen (C:N) ratio and thus have the potential to rob nitrogen from the soil, thus retarding plant growth and should be removed at the end of the season.

Agresource makes only dark mulches that have a balanced C:N ratio, which is less than 30 to 1. This important C:N ratio is why professional horticulturalists use Agresource's Super Mulch. It supplies nutrients to the plants while providing the same protection and moisture-holding properties of other mulch.. Yet it does not rob nitrogen from plants the way 'woody mulches' do, which typically have a C:N ratio in excess of 60 to 1.

Many people have noted that when they use Agresource's Super Mulch, the plants 'perk up' within weeks due to the added nutrients and enhanced conditions. Agresource's Super Mulch is weed-seed free, another contributing factor that makes it such a high quality product.

For more information, go to Newsletters & Articles and click on 'Using Compost as Mulch to Increase Soil Nutrient Levels, Microbial Activity, and Plant Growth.'

Super Mulch

  • Supplies Nutrients
  • Helps Adjust Acidic Soils
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Boosts Soil Organic Matter
  • Increases Microbial Activity
  • Ensures Thriving, Healthier Plants

Agresource provides Super Mulch throughout the Northeast.

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