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QuantiPlate for Cry2A in Cotton Leaf Tissue


Detects: Cry2A endotoxin in cotton leaf tissue samples. Results in less than 2 hours. Format: Antibody-coated microwell plate; 12 removable strips of 8 microwells each. Matrix: Plant tissue, seeds. Target Trade Names: Bollgard II. Analyte class: Crystalline Cry2A protein expressed by genetically modified plant tissue.. LOD (Limit of Detection): 0.52 ppb.

Reagents provided:

  • Negative Control
  • 1 ppb Cry2Aa Calibrator
  • 5 ppb Cry2Aa Calibrator
  • 10 ppb Cry2Aa Calibrator
  • Cry2A – Enzyme Conjugate
  • 5x Extraction/Dilution Buffer
  • Wash Buffer Salts
  • Substrate
  • Stop Solution

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