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Root Cutting Tool



Support frame made of cut-tube profile, 150x150x8 - 120x120x8 Hydraulic regulations. Horizontal telescopic extension for working regulation in different type of rows; 500mm. extension. Oblique inclination of the knife to adjust the working angle, 500mm. extension Hydraulic extension of the knife to adjust the working depth; 400mm. extension. They are controlled by the tractor using the tractor oil. Three hydraulic double-effect connections are requested. Third-point linkage. Specific sliding plastic rolls for hydraulic extension 2 rear support feet adjustable in height with specific tyres. 1 Hardox 500 knife, 1000mm in length

    Accessories On Request

      • Hardox 500 knite, 800 rnm in length
      • Hardox 500 knife, 1200 mm in length
      • Three lever control for adjusting all hydraulic operations of the equipment

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