- Shoot Remover



Shoot-remover with whips mainly used in viticulture, yet useful also in other types of cultivation. Rotofil has the function of eliminating the shoots growing on the trunks in general. the operation of shoot-removal allows also the elimination of the wed along the row, between the plants, without damaging the fruit bearing shoots. The machine is predisposed for the 3-point universal connection of the rear hoist. The axis of the shoot-removing roller is designed to operate oblique to the row to increase the action field on the weedy soil and at the same time make the sensitive operation of shoot-removing softer.

  • The shoot-remover is equipped with two hydraulic controls, one for the regulation of the working height of the whip roller, the other one for the lateral displacement (0.45) of the shoot-removing unit.
  • Besides, it is equipped with adjustable carter (hydraulic regulation on demand) restricting the extension of the whips while working on vines with Guyot pruning method.

Rapid substitution of the whips.

The size vary according to the type of tractor:

Narrow Gauge

  • from 0.90 to 1.30 m – approximate weight 96 kg

Wide Gauge

  • from 1.30 to 1.70 m – approximate weight 120 kg

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