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  • Trimmers

  • Potel Due Toscana - Green Trimme

    Potel Due Toscana - Green Trimme

    The trimmer of the “Potel” series belongs to the type with cutting bars featuring double alternated movement of the blades called “double-blade”, reducing the vibrations to the minimum. This system performs a neat cut making the wound on the shoot of the vine less evident and allowing more rapid healing. Differently from the cutting system with “free blade” (knife) producing a wider and more irregular wound, it...

  • Potel Bil - Model 83–86 - Trimmer

    Potel Bil - Model 83–86 - Trimmer

    The POTEL BIL TRIMMER features a 'double-blade' mechanism with two mobile blades (series COLO04 tooth) on the vertical cutting bar. The Double-blade movement with double connecting rod enables the sliding of the two blades without any vibration and ensuring a neat cut of vegetation. Besides, this type of movement implies require less maintenance work both during daily work and for the preparation for garaging while not used.

  • Model 91 - Rotor Trimmers

    Model 91 - Rotor Trimmers

    The trimmer uses the scissor cutting system (blade/counter-blade). The modular construction of the machine allows a customized configuration depending on the pruning method of the vineyards. Every cutting segment or module consists of five fixed blades and two mobile blades, a hydraulic motor with the driving parts hosted by a safety carter. the steel carter has been designed and tested to guarantee utmost safety to the operator protecting him/her...

  • Inter-Row

  • Rotofil - Shoot Remover

    Rotofil - Shoot Remover

    Shoot-remover with whips mainly used in viticulture, yet useful also in other types of cultivation. Rotofil has the function of eliminating the shoots growing on the trunks in general. the operation of shoot-removal allows also the elimination of the wed along the row, between the plants, without damaging the fruit bearing shoots. The machine is predisposed for the 3-point universal connection of the rear hoist. The axis of the shoot-removing roller...

  • Rotoflex - Hydraulic Shoot Remover

    Rotoflex - Hydraulic Shoot Remover

    Hydraulic Shoot Removing unit for vineyards: the ideal tool for the soft removal of the shoots from the trunk of the vines and the weed growing under the rows. This unit was designed to be mounted on the suitable frame, both on the front of the tractor and on the side in single (or double) version with a special flange or on the universal rear hoister of any tractor with rear connection. In the picture, it is presented with a specific frame for the...

  • Inter Row Weed Killing Machine

    Inter Row Weed Killing Machine

    The bilateral hydraulic Bar, Flying Killer model, is equipped with articulated frame for a rapid and comfortable assembly on the front part of the tractor. The various controls and electro-hydraulic movements (electrical distributor with 4 independent functions) listed below are easily controlled by the operator driving the tractor:

  • Pruning Machines

  • Lpalizzel - Wire Lifter

    Lpalizzel - Wire Lifter

    Machine for the lifting and tying of the green shoots of the trellising with low fruit-bearing shoots and ascending vegetation. The machine operates at one side of the row, lifts the roots delicately guiding then in vertical position and tightening them with one or two ropes constantly tightened during the advancement and fastened to the wire of the row with mechanical staples closed with a pneumatic or mechanical fastener operated by hands by the...

  • Palizzelklin Green - Double Wire Lifter

    Palizzelklin Green - Double Wire Lifter

    Double Wire Lifter  for the trellising of the summer vegetation of the vineyards with espalier training (Guyot – low spurred cordon). On this model the lengths of the shoot conveying belt can be varied and fitted to the optimal period of intervention. The special shoot collecting belts convey the shoots upwards without damaging them; the speed of the belts can be regulated according to the advancement speed rate.

  • Other Products

  • Solaris - Defoliator for Vineyards

    Solaris - Defoliator for Vineyards

    Mounted fixed or on the front hoister, the Solaris model defoliator with counter-rotating rollers is equipped with two opposite rollers for the sucking and detachment of the leaves. The equipment does not need any mechanical cutting bar; a simple radial sucking element produces the necessary quantity of air that for the temporary attachment of the leaves on the roller with holes and then their detachment from the shoots without any shock to the plant...

  • Pole Drivers

    Pole Drivers

    The lateral pole driver is used for the trellising of vineyards, orchards, etc. located on slopes or on flat ground. The Rambo L machine has been designed to work in any situation. The machine is mounted on the side of any tractor with tracks or not. Its position at the centre-side allows its use on untilled soil without any danger for the tractor to lift.