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There are different types of screen systems and many different types of screen cloth. The choice of screen cloth is determined by the question: what do you want to achieve with the screen system? Many production greenhouses use wire systems with aluminium profiles and slip blocks. The slip blocks are used to prevent cracks forming in the system and also to create a uniform gap in the screen to allow humidity to escape.. Because greenhouses are becoming ever larger and many are fitted with aluminium gutters, the application of slip blocks can remedy any expansion or shrinkage in the system. There is also a push-pull system with aluminium profiles with optional spring blocks. This system exerts less force on the end walls.

Roll systems are generally used for the walls but can also be used as a deck roll screen in, for example, wide-span greenhouses. The driving mechanism consists of tube motors or motors that have been specially designed for this particular application. The screen cloths that you can use vary from a transparent cloth for energy savings, a cloth with sun-blocking strips to provide partial shade to an opaque cloth to shield assimilation lighting.

It is also possible to fit screens on the roof of the greenhouse. Various applications are possible. With a Venlo greenhouse a horizontal construction can be mounted in the gutter or on the ridge, to which the screen system is attached. With a wide-span greenhouse a deck roll screen can be fixed to the deck, which rolls from the ridge to the gutter. The advantage of an external screen is that the sun’s heat is held outside and not inside the greenhouse.

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