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If you would like to see improvement in plant spacing in your yield trail plots, the most important first step is to utilize a precision seed grader to eliminate the 'overs' and 'fines' from your seed. Overs typically have a low germination - 70% or less in some tests - and the fines that are BCFM of course have no vitality. The seed graders produced by The Spreader have been in use for eight years providing successful breeding programs and the accurately graded seed required for precision planting operations.

The durable, reliable, rugged design (all steel construction, no wood structure to rot or warp) of this grader incorporates industrial grade components into a compact design that allows the grading of two samples simultaneously. The doubling of its productivity allows this grader to keep up with aggressive shelling operations and the unique vibrator clean-out system is almost instantaneous.

Flexibility was designed into this grader to allow adjustments in speed and geometry to accommodate any application. And most important to any seed operation is the clean design that allows no seed hang-ups to adulterate subsequent seed samples.

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