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SEISIL is a product that combines the antagonistic effects of the polymerized silicic acid with the activation of the physiological response of the crop.  SEISIL acts as a liquid crystal generating a protective film of silica that is deposited under the cell walls of leaves and fruits, preventing the penetration of pathogenic fungi. This action also protects the plant tissues to avoid direct contact with water in case of light rain or dew. Furthermore, SEISIL confers structural stability to cells increasing their resistance of being decompose by phytoparasite enzymes and acts activating a series of genes that stimulate the plant’s defense system.

  • Creates a barrier that prevents the penetration of pathogenic fungi.
  • Strengthens the plant tissue from inside to outside.
  • It acts as a natural desiccant and reduces the environmental stress on crops.
  • It is a source of soluble potassium and silicon, which increases the plants´ defenses.

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