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Self Emulsified Liquid Concentrate (SELCO)



SELCO (self emulsified liquid concentrate) was developed by Artemia Systems in Belgium and has been the benchmark enrichment formula to the aquaculture industry since the mid-1980's. This Artemia or rotifer enrichment formula is rich in HUFA (highly unsaturated fatty acids) and is super concentrated. .3 grams (~10 drops) per liter or quart of water is sufficient for enriching hundreds of thousands of Artemia nauplii and adults as well as rotifers.

Storage and Packaging: SELCO is available in 1-kg bottles, 9-bottles per case. SELCO has a shelf life of 12-months from the date of manufacture. Product should be stored in a cool, dark and dry environment (4-15 degrees Celsius). Once opened, product should be used within a one month and stored in a refrigeration type temperatures. Do not freeze.

The following enrichment formulas are available:

  • Easy SELCO
  • Super SELCO

The ideal supplement / enrichment feed for Artemia. For higher productivity and profitability in Aquaculture

  • Hatching and enrichment in the same tank
  • Bacterial control during the complete Artemia production cycle
  • Enrichment at double the Artemia nauplii density
  • Production of nauplii with a high nutritional value
  • Products developed to meet the specific requirements of different species
  • Optimized production techniques
  • Manufactured under strict sanitary conditions to ensure a pathogen free solution
  • Quality control procedures strictly enforced regarding all materials and procedures (ISO 9001 certification)
  • Not for human consumption

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