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SG InFuze combines everything that our dedicated customers have valued in our in-furrow starter products for decades, but doesn’t stop there. In addition to the micronutrients, enzymes, sugars and amino acids we have added additional seed protectant products and live microorganisms. It has been developed after years of experience and research in order to provide the plant with the best possible nutrient supply and seed protection. SG InFuze is easy to use at 1/2 gallon per acre and eliminates the need to mix products in the field. It is fully compatible with our 7-25-5 liquid starter and designed to be applied on-seed at planting. It can be used on corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers and potatoes among other crops.

Starter Applied
SummitGold Liquid Plant food is used in starter applications throughout the agriculture industry. They have a low salt index, are chloride free, and are virtually non-corrosive to application equipment. SummitGold Liquid Plant Food can be applied 2×2 while planting or pre-plant banded into the root zone with bedding equipment.

Foliar Applied
Foliar apply SummitGold Liquid Plant Food to supplement soil-applied nutrients or to correct nutrient deficiencies. Benefits of foliar application include: improvement of fertilizer efficiency, quick response to crop nutrient problems, and increase in yields and number of heads. Only a small amount of fertilizer is required to get a quick plant response.

Fruit Tres, Vine Crops, and Nut Trees

  • Improves color
  • Increases plant vigor and fruit set
  • Larger, more uniform nuts
  • Higher yields of larger, heavier fruit
  • More uniform with higher sugar content


  • Earlier maturity
  • Improves size and shape
  • Extends production season
  • Firmer produce that ships better
  • More resistant to shock during transplanting

Root Crops

  • Improves storage and chipping qualities
  • Increases yield and sugar of sugar beets
  • More number 1’s with higher specific gravity in potatoes

Customer reviews

  1. By agriculture in Bangladesh on

    The advantage of a liquid fertilizer is that you can adjust directly by cultivation. Especially in the development of deficiency symptoms it is necessary to react quick. With a foliar fertilizer you have immediately visible results, with fertigation results are visible within a few days