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Silage Clamps


There are a number of different products that can be used to create a silage pit including; the prestressed concrete panels, vertical panels, and the precast retaining wall units. The height you can go to will depend upon the product being used, generally it is best to stick to a maximum of around 3500mm (you can go higher if required - please ask). When constructing a silage clamp it is very important to consider the loadings being placed on the walls, particularly when the silage is going to be rolled. With a silage clamp it is always advisable to get a structural engineer to sign off the design to ensure that problems don't occur at a later date. We can also offer installation advice, or a supply and installation quotation for our concrete silage panels.

Our prestressed concrete panels can be clipped to the internal face of a steel frame or placed into the web of the steel.

We can manufacture panels to whatever length you require up to a maximum of 6096mm (depending on loadings).

An alternative option is using vertical cantilever panels as these do not require steels. Instead, they can be embedded into a concrete foundation and tied to the floor slab.

We can manufacture and supply L-shaped retaining wall units for building silage clamps.

Our units can be cast into a new concrete floor slab to prevent the toe from protruding and creating an obstruction. Alternatively, the walls can be bolted onto existing concrete base.

When the silage is being rolled, the retaining walls need to achieve a maximum height of 3200mm.

Our precast retaining walls are suitable for retaining on one or both sides and an additional surcharge can be applied (depending on the height of the unit).

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