Silage Inoculant Applicator



SDI’s Silage Inoculant Applicator is designed to precisely apply silage inoculant at the scale or silage pile. With its single axle design, collapsible spray boom and compact size, this unique piece of equipment is easily moved between application sites. The SDI Silage Inoculant Applicator includes an insulated Dohrman 10 gallon inoculant storage tank, adjustable flow meter, 10 gpm 120 volt centrifugal pump, 30 gallon fresh water tank, timer, and telescoping boom.

The insulated inoculant storage tank gives you temperature controlled protection of your silage inoculant. This feature keeps your bacteria viable even in hot weather. The 10 gallon tank allows you to apply inoculant on up to 1000 tons of silage. The base calibration rate injects 1.28 ounces of concentrate into 20 ounces of water per minute. Using the included timer, this gives you an easy to configure application. One second of operation treats one ton of silage at the base rate.

  • Lockable Tool Box
  • Three Safety Jackstands For Leveling and Stability
  • 110 Volt Electric Driven Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump
  • Trailer Includes Fenders and Lights

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