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Silage Trailers


The Suffolk Silage Trailer uses a modern design to optimise strength to weight ratio. Using the latest press breaking technology we engineer the strength in our trailer without adding unnecessary weight and with intelligent use of materials we create a unique monocoque construction. The Suffolk Silage Trailer has a nationwide reputation for strength and durability, with an impressive array of standard features and a wide choice of options you can build the Suffolk trailer to your exact requirements. Suffolk silage trailers are standard with a 2.0m axle track, 10 stud axles and heavy duty mono leaf springs using radius arms with replaceable rubber/nylon bushes.

  • Height adjustable sprung drawbar
  • Hydraulic tailgate with rubber seal and auto lock
  • Hydraulic safety check valve on tailgate
  • Load sensing valve for hydraulic brakes
  • Monocoque tapered body with pressed floor and sides, 4mm floor, 3mm sides and closed channel sub structure
  • Large section pressed top rail
  • Twin three stage tipping rams to give 55 degree tipping angle
  • Body drain plugs
  • Rope Hooks
  • Body prop
  • LED Twin Lights in heavy duty light brackets
  • Mono leaf springs with radius towing arm
  • 2.0m axle track
  • Chassis shock absorber pads
  • Inspection ladder
  • Hydraulic brakes, parking brake, parking skid and hanger
  • Two pack paint finish

  • Extra set of tailgate mounted high level LED light clusters
  • Tyre options
  • Swivel drawbar eye
  • Grain chute
  • Grain sock
  • Roll over sheet
  • Anti jack-knife system
  • Perspex window
  • Arched front window with Perspex panel
  • LED Flashing beacon kit
  • Air and hydraulic brakes with load sensing valves
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Rear drawbar with brakes and electrics
  • Fitted bulker sheet
  • Sheet rack
  • 6mm floor and 4mm sides
  • Metal mudguards and mud flaps
  • ABS braking

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