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Silo Vent

Silo Vent is an energy efficient unit with a wind driven ventilator. The heat, humidity and condensation are drawn out through the ventilator, while stabilising the internal temperature of the stored grain. Silo Vent units are environmentally friendly as they are powered by the wind. There are no running costs with a Silo Vent system they run for free, twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Silo Vent has two different units, one for use in all types of non sealed silos and the other, the Damper Model, is designed for use in sealed silos.

The sealed silo unit (Damper model) is designed for use in sealed silos enabling them to be sealed at the ventilator with a damper. The damper effectively seals the silo at the throat of the ventilator, a bit like a butterfly value and remains shut for the duration of the chemical treatment period, enabling fumigation of the sealed silo to be completed. The damper is located inside the Silo Vent and opened and closed from the ground via a cable. When the treatment period for the grain and or legumes has finished, the Damper is opened from the ground via a cable and the Silo Vent Damper unit exhausts the build up of heat, humidity and condensation inside the sealed silo and enables the grain to breath. 

The Damper unit works very well with the Air Intake Vents which are located in the cone of the sealed silo, designed for fumigation tablets to be inserted and withdrawn into the silo at the safety of ground level. When the chemical treatment period has finished the Air Intake Vents enable air to be drawn in from the cone of the silo and with the Silo Vent Damper unit on top of the silo, the air is moved passively through the silo and exhausted out the top. This activity keeps the stored commodity cooler and reduces the hot spots in the silo. 


Silo Vent is an Australian made and developed product. It has been researched, tested and developed within the Australian Agricultural Industry for the purpose of improving the quality and management of stored grains and legumes.

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