- Model MF & TH - Potato Planting System


The dependable SIRIUS planting system is ideal for planting sorted seed potatoes. The potato cups specially developed by WIFO hold the tubers gently but firmly, and the composition of the material and the open construction means that earth does not easily adhere to the cups. The SIRIUS system can be used with a range of cups, with the cup size chosen to suit the size of the sorted seed potatoes. The large top roller and the small bottom roller combined with the agitator mechanism prevent the cups picking up two potatoes at once, so the SIRIUS system is reliable and accurate regardless of the working method and the conditions.

Simply SIRIUS!

  • Ideal for round varieties
  • Precision engineered soiling-resistant cups
  • Cups are always visible
  • Precision even at high capacity

A suitable solution for every situation 

WIFO potato planting machines have been developed with the end client’s needs very much in mind. Our clients are interested not only in saving time and money but also in user friendliness and high quality, uniform results. WIFO has a suitable solution for you, whatever your conditions and working methods. WIFO potato planting machines are available in a variety of formats. So you can choose a mounted or trailed version, mechanical or hydraulic drive, and a planting unit to meet your specific needs. WIFO also offers a large number of options, so you can fit out the machine to achieve precisely the performance you are looking for.

Tried and tested planting technology

Over the years WIFO has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to produce quality equipment delivering optimal results under all conditions. Our robust, low-maintenance machines achieve high levels of precision in planting where both spacing and depth are concerned, equipping you to plant accurately even at higher speeds and capacities. A lot of effort has gone into making the WIFO machines userfriendly and easy adjustable. These machines can be adjusted from the tractor while planting is in progress, allowing you to change the planting distance or add pesticides or fertilisers.

Total control!

Maintain tight control of the entire planting process via the user-friendly control panel. You will receive continuous feedback on the area planted, the planting distance and gap detection (SIRIUS).

Potato-friendly planting 

The potatoes are carefully transported and handled throughout the process of filling the hopper, planting and earthing up, with damage kept to a minimum. The spacious and easily accessible hopper makes filling even simpler, and the potatoes are transported gently from there to the planting unit. The optional sensor on the tipping hydraulic hopper detects when there is an inadequate supply of tubers to the planting unit and automatically tips the hopper to maintain a steady supply.

Multiple operations in a single pass 

With WIFO cup planters all processes including soil preparation, planting and earthing up are carried out in a single pass, so your operation is more efficient and effective, saving time and expense. WIFO potato planting machines are easily combined with cultivation machinery like rotary tillers. The machines can also be equipped with a ridging hood or an earthing plough and you can add a fertiliser unit, a granule applier or liquid pesticides to the process.

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