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- Model PR2 - Soil Moisture Profile Probe


No other soil moisture probe system enables you to monitor your soil water profiles with such ease and flexibility. Install an access tube into the soil, insert the PR2 Profile Probe and press the HH2 [Read] button to display an instantaneous reading, or connect the PR2 to a data logger (GP2, DL6 or DL2e) and leave the system to record soil moisture changes over time. The PR2 soil moisture probe is built around patented sensing technology which provides unprecedented performance in all soil types, with minimal influence from either salinity or temperature. The PR2/4 model measures soil moisture at 4 depths down to 40 cm or the PR2/6 measures at 6 depths down to 100 cm.

  • Soil moisture content profiles down to 1m
  • Dual purpose – installed and portable
  • Uses access tubes for easy probe insertion and removal
  • Highly reliable field-proven instrument
  • Soil moisture content – not just trends
  • Out of the box solution – supplied with calibrations for common soil types
  • Portable meter option for multi-site measurement

The PR2 Profile Probe is available in two sizes to measure to a depth of 40 cm or 100 cm.

  • The PR2/4 has sensing elements at 10/20/30/40 cm
  • The PR2/6 has sensing elements at 10/20/30/40/60 and 100 cm

Data Logging

  • Profile Probes are available with analogue or SDI-12 outputs.
  • For the analogue version, order PR2/4 or PR2/6.
  • For the SDI-12 interface version, order PR2/4-SDI-12 or PR2/6-SDI-12.

Please note that analogue and SDI‐12 probes cannot be mixed  on the same cable system

Loggers for analogue Profile Probes

  • Delta-T offers a choice of two data suitable data loggers. Both have dedicated PR2 Profile Probe input channels and connectors:
  • The DL6 Data Logger can log one PR2/6 or one PR2/4 Profile Probe
  • The GP2 Data Logger can log up to two PR2/6s or three PR2/4s

Loggers for SDI-12 Profile Probes
The PR2 SDI‐12 is ideally matched to the SDI‐12 enabled GP2 Data Logger. Many SDI-12 Profile Probes can be connected to a single GP2 (actual number depends on cable length, power, and other considerations).


Augering and Extraction Kits - for optimal Access Tube installation
Profile Probes are used within access tubes inserted into augered holes in the soil - correct installation is vital for accurate measurement of soil moisture profiles. The goal of installation is to produce optimal contact between the soil and the wall of the access tube. The augered holes should be straight, smooth sided and the correct diameter.

Delta-T augering kits help you achieve the best possible access tube installation in virtually any soil.