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- Boat System for Fish Farms



With our boat system, you can use your boat as a base to easily inspect nets, anchors, etc. There are two different solutions: cabled or wireless boat system. With the cabled boat system, the camera cable plugs into the external connector on the boat wheelhouse, and is controlled internally by the control desk and screen. The camera lingers from a cable that is attached to the gunwale.

Wireless boat system means that the boat is equipped with an antenna, display and control console that transfers the control and video signals and will work the same way as in the control room on the feeding barge. This way you can control all cameras and winches on a location.

In our boat solutions we use Orbit 3000 cameras. The Orbit 3000 provides full 360-degree view both horizontally and vertically. Add high sensitivity and superb picture quality and you have a functional and robust tool for different inspection tasks.

  • Greater flexibility
  • High brightness: 0.0003 lux
  • Water resistant to 100 m
  • Very good picture quality

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