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- Aquaculture Mortality Extraction System



The Mortex is designed to extract mortality through the entire production cycle, being easy to implement and operate. The Mortex system is a supporting tool that improves safety conditions (reduction of diving hours) and biosafety in farms, because it can be used continuously, avoiding the accumulation of mortality. The simplicity of its operation and the appropriate design of its components, allow an efficient mortality extraction.  This equipment is compatible with our ensiling systems. The two versions, Standard and Heavy Weight, covers the broad spectrum of our customer's needs.

  • Decreases diving hours
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

Decreases diving hours

Designed to reduce diving hours during the extraction of mortality in cages. 

Easy to install

The Mortex is easy to install and does not greatly change the habitat of the fish. The installation is even more simple in the “Heavy Weight” version, because it doesn't need to be fixed to the bottom of the fish pen. 

Easy to use

With a manual and automatic mode, the system offers a complete flexibility adapting to the customer's needs.

Heavy Weight

The new Heavy Weight Mortex was developed to meet the market needs. Keeping the same quality standard of the Standard Mortex, it offers an alternative that facilitates its installation without the need of fixing it to the bottom of the fish pen. 

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