Strongest Grain Bin Roof



In farm country you can count on it – the wind will blow, and sometimes it’ll blow very, very hard. With Superior, it’s not a problem. While anyone can say they have the strongest grain bin roof – and many make that claim – their roofs have failed or blown away over the years. But even through the strongest gusts and heaviest blankets of snow, no Superior roof has failed.NOT ONE. EVER.

Strength in the Details

Here’s what makes Superior farm bin roofs the strongest on the market:

  • 3½ -Inch Ridgidized Roof Rib
  • 90-MPH Wind Load
  • 8,000-Pound Peak Load
  • Up to 50,000-Pound Roof Load on Structural Roofs
  • 37-Pound per Square Foot Snow Load
  • Enhanced Wind Ring
  • Continuous Eave Angle Connection
  • Peak Ring/Apron/Triangle
  • Roof Panels Attach Directly to the Peak Ring
  • Corrugated Roof Panel

Other Features

  • Punched Manholes
  • Punched Roof Vent Opening

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