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Sugar-Beet Harvester


Durable Quick Set, Adjustable Row Modules with Dual Gauge Wheel Depth Control. With the Sugar Beet Manager, each row can be independently set to thin, aerate, block & weed in the row.

Reduces Labor Costs & Labor Hassles
Adjustable Row Modules with Dual Gauge Wheel Depth Control. Each row can be independently set to thin, aerate, block & weed in the row. Wider window of opportunity to operate the machine. When your stand is established, 6 to 8 leaf stage or slightly bigger, the timing is ideal to start.

Sugar Beet Growers; it is worth your time to look into this money saving tool
The sweeping motion moves dirt between the beet plants, providing aeration, weeding, cultivation, and blocking if desired. Depth of sweep blade (1 to 3') can be easily adjusted and maintained with heavy duty gauge wheels (1 gauge wheel per 2 modules). The size of the Sugar Beet will determine the sweep depth. The quick-set module is easily adjustable. Depending on plant population, it will adjust to reduce stand from 0 - 40%. A plant population calculating card is provided for optimum settings.

Thinner Doubles as In-Row Cultivator
In 1997 Pickett Equipment's main objective was to develop a mechanical crop thinner, the tool now known as the Pickett Sugar Beet Manager, does more than thin out overplanted populations. It also breaks crusts, aerates soils, and controls in-row weeds.

Ryan Pearson, who worked with Pickett Equipment in the development of the thinner says the addition of spring tines between the sweep blades on the Sugar Beet Manager's modules are the key ingredient in its in-row weed control capability. The tines allow growers to cultivate in the row at layby to eliminate small weeds hidden beneath plant leaves.

The angle of the machine's modules adjusts to allow varying degrees of thinning and cultivating action, depending upon field conditions, desired plant population levels, and plant size. The sweep blades and spring tines complement each other well for cultivation. 'The blades cut the crust; then the tines shatter those areas of crust in between (the cuts),' Pearson says.
In a heavy in-row weed situation, adding the spring tines to the 16-blade or the 22-blade modules provides excellent weed control. 'It appears you've 'roto-tilled' that row without removing the crop,' he says. 'Those little weeds are virtually gone.'

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