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This natural product would  wash as effective as a normal detergent and would furthermore save you 50% of the costs. Its Soapnut .The Soapnut is a 100% renewable resource, the trees cause no pollution. Soapnut is the fruit of the tree sapindus, from the family Sapindacea. This tree found primarily in India and Nepal where they have been used for centuries as a washing detergent. The tree can reach a height of 25m and a diameter of 1 to 2 m and flowers for at least 70 years. After ten years the tree has the first fruits. The trees are growing wild for more than 1000 years. The fruit called soapnut , is a small fruit with 1-2 cm diameter, yellow ripening brownish containing black seed. In April & May the tree is adorned with white flowers, and the ripe soapnuts are harvested in October. The skin of the shells contains 15% saponin which is similar to soap. Saponin is the active cleaning ingredient in Soapnuts, and it has a dermatologically sound lathering and cleansing effect

There are so many types of soapnuts. The best for washing and cleaning is sapindus mukorossi. Inside the shells are saponin, which is known for its ability to cleanse and wash. Using soapnut instead of lots of different chemical and over packaged cleaning products in and around your house is better for you, your family and the environment. The trees on which the soapnut fruit is grown help to improve the world's environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Expensive shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps and body lotions can all be forgotten once you start to use Soapnut. Soapnut removes dirt from clothing - it is not only highly effective but also gentle. Because it is mild and natural, it preserves the colors and the structure of your valuable clothing longer than chemical detergents. It's very gentle that you will no longer need to use laundry softener. Soapnut has also been used traditionally in India to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, chronic itching and other skin conditions. Soapnuts  is Pure and natural washing detergent that leaves your laundry fresh and clean. Its also good for skin because its allergy free. Soapnut is Environment-friendly. cultivated through sustainable agriculture, Economical & Ecological

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