Tubs Chute


The tubs and alleyways are made 3′ channel iron panels bolted back to back with 12 Ga. Sheet. All tub and alley systems are completely customizable according to customer needs.

Tub specs

  • Height: 5’4  from concrete to top of panel
  • panel length: approximately 5′ 1.5 on radius (will vary with tub radius)
  • catwalk: 18” wide, approximately 12” off concrete

Tub options

  • divider door – blocks off alley diverting cattle to load out or other alley

A variety of options are available on Trojan chutes, like slotted floors, head bender, gas powered unit, nursing door, side exit, palpation door, bleeder, floating gates, tilting chute, cutting door and a yoke trailer. Click on any photo for an enlarged view.

  • Slotted floor allows for easier clean up
  • Need to help a calf nurse? The nursing door protects individuals while allowing a calf access
  • The head bender helps immobilize the head.
  • The side exit allows for emergency if an animal goes down or is turned around.
  • The bleeder feature…
  • The palpation door makes preg checking safe and easy
  • Floating gates make…..
  • The cutting door gives an operator safe access for castration procedures
  • Foot injuries? The tilt option gives the operator easy access
  • The yoke trailer makes your Trojan chute portable

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