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- Wellboat Smolt Counter


The VAKI Wellboat Smolt Counter is specially designed for use with big vacuum pumps on wellboats. The well proven technology on hatcheries all over the world, has been adapted to the wellboats, and it gives accurate count that can be verified with images of every fish. The size distribution and average weight of the smolt is also available on the sofisticated software. The capacity is very high, with even flow of fish through the counter it can cope with more than 300,000 smolts per hour.

What is the information used for?

  • To supply reliable information on the number of fish delivered from a farm site to processing.
  • To know the split when the fish have been graded to base further feeding on.
  • General stock control.



  • Accurate counting of fish from 30g
  • Capacity up to 300,000 smolts per hour
  • Counting reports for every delivery
  • Images are stored for verification of the count
  • Measurement of average weight & size distribution


  • 1400 mm wide counting area
  • Automatic leveling system
  • Excessive dewatering from vacuum pumps
  • Full control from the bridge
  • Gentle handling of fish

  • 2standard widths (special sizes on request)
  • 2,1m counting width
  • 1,4m counting width
  • Size range: up to 500g.
  • Capacity: 200 – 300.000 fish/hour
  • Accuracy: over 98%

The Wellboat Smolt Counter is well suited for all kind of fish such as:
salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, trout, tilapia, sea bass and bream.

  • Trained agents for installation.
  • Repair service at each main area.
  • Critical Spares in place with main agents
  • Routine Service contracts from distributors
  • Updated Service / operating manual
  • All units fully tested for hardware & software performance before delivery.
  • 2 years Warranty guarantee.
  • Customer service & back up.

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