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- Climate Computer for Livestock Production



Vento is a climate computer developed by Big Dutchman that is easy to understand and very user-friendly. The computer is also incredibly simple to install and to put into operation. Fresh air and exhaust air, heating and cooling are controlled reliably. Vento is ideally suited for houses for livestock production, especially where these are located in hot-climate areas. The well-arranged 7-inch touchscreen shows relevant curves as graphs. Functions that are used on a daily basis are immediately available in the menu, making the computer very easy to handle.

  • Vento is the ideal climate computer to start automated  livestock production: it helps to improve the house climate and therefore to increase the animals‘ performance;
  • easy to install and to put into operation, even without training;
  • fresh air and exhaust air can be controlled as natural ventilation or as side, tunnel or CombiTunnel ventilation;
  • the active ventilation level is displayed;
  • automatic data backup always occurs at midnight.

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