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For residential or municipal stump removal, the SC372 goes to work with a combination of power and agility. Its compact frame can navigate tight spots, but doesn’t leave a big footprint. An optional AutoSweep system boosts productivity, while electric clutch engagement eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

  • The new user-friendly operator presence system provides additional safety by automatically stopping the cutter wheel when the operator's hands leave the cutter wheel control levers.
  • Extend tooth and pocket life with the Yellow Jacket Cutter System,  which features a universal tooth to fit all cutting positions.
  • Power through stumps using the SC372’s belt-driven gearbox drive system for increased horsepower to the cutter wheel.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

The SC372 combines power and agility into one simple machine. At only 35' (88.9 cm) wide with dual tires removed, the SC372 can easily navigate through gates and operate in confined space; and it's so lightweight, your footprint won’t be noticed.

The optional patented AutoSweep® system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize productivity and reduce premature wear.

With two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations, as well as an oscillating front steering axle, the SC372 offers improved ground contact for better stability and tractive effort on difficult terrain. A two-speed ground drive allows for faster travel between stumps and a slower controlled creep speed during operation.

The SC372 can be equipped with either a Yanmar 37.8 hp (28.2 kW) diesel or Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 35 hp (26.1 kW) gas engine, allowing customers to choose the appropriate option based on their needs.

The operator’s station provides a clear view of the cutting action, while the gear box drive of the cutter wheel provides the ability to cut closer to buildings, sidewalks or other inanimate objects.

Jobsite cleanup is a breeze with the chip containment system that minimizes the debris area and results in easier backfill of the hole after the stump removal is complete.

Electric clutch engagement. A simple flip of a switch engages the clutch, eliminating a need for manual manipulation of a belt tensioner or engine slide adjustment.

Operator presence system. The SC372 is equipped with three operator-sensing control levers that monitor the operator’s touch and maintain cutter wheel engagement. When the operator’s hands leave the control levers, an automatic disengage and braking sequence will stop the cutter wheel in less than nine seconds. With this safety system, the cutter wheel will automatically stop when the operator releases the hydraulic cutter wheel controls.

The patent-pending Yellow Jacket™ cutter system features a universal tooth that can accommodate all cutting positions on the cutter wheel. Plus, it offers easy serviceability and extended tooth and pocket life.

Power where it matters most. The SC372 features a belt-driven gearbox drive system which provides an efficient transfer of horsepower from the engine to the cutter wheel.

An optional chip blade helps eliminate the need for manual chip raking during jobsite cleanup. The blade is controlled hydraulically from the operator’s station.


Weight (diesel engine): 2270 lb (1029.7 kg)
Weight (gas engine): 1860 lb (843.7 kg)
Length: 10.3' (31.1 m)
Width (without duals): 34.8' (88.4 cm)
Width (with duals): 49.5' (125.7 cm)
Height (diesel engine): 55.5' (141 cm)
Height (gas engine): 59' (149.9 cm)

Engine Options

Make and model: Yanmar 3TNV88-BDVR – Diesel
Gross horsepower: 37.8 hp (28.2 kW)
Max torque: 79.5 ft-lb (107.8 Nm)
Electrical system: 12 V
Fuel-tank capacity: 9 gal (34.1 L)
Make and model: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard - Gas
Gross horsepower: 35 hp (26.1 kW)
Max torque: 53 ft-lb (71.9 Nm)
Electrical system: 12 V
Fuel-tank capacity: 9 gal (34.1 L)

Hydraulic System

Oil-tank capacity: 6 gal (22.7 L)
Oil type: Vermeer VMF
Cutter Wheel Drive
Wheel diameter (without teeth): 18' (45.7 cm)
Wheel thickness: .5' (1.3 cm)
Drive: Two-stage, Vee-belt and gearbox
Tooth style: Yellow Jacket Cutter System
Tooth quantity: 24

Cutting Dimensions

Above ground level: 21' (53.2 cm)
Below ground level: 16' (40.6 cm)
Width (straight line): 40' (101.6 cm)


Chip blade
Four-wheel drive

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