Vineyard Netting



Vineyards can be protected in a number of ways depending on the individual needs of the grower. We offer solutions for crop protection with a variety of products and methods.

Overhead Vineyard Netting

Another alternative for crop protection against birds is a full enclosure system. This allows harvesting and crop management without exposing your fruit.

Vineyard Lay-Over Netting

Protection from insects, birds and hail. Our netting is a close mesh netting that is particularly good for insect protection and prevents birds from pecking the fruit, while allowing air flow around the vines and shade is minimal. Volume discounts available. Allow 3 months for volume orders.

Zone Netting

A side netting panel that is 42” wide, with reinforced edges and buttonholes every inch. This is designed to protect from wasps, large insects, hail and bird peck through damage.

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