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Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator



Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator  for a standard configuration, the water hydraulic cherry cluster separator includes: A Water Tank (cherry holding tank). A patented Water Hydraulic Separating system. An Exit Basin on the top feeding onto a dewatering belt or channels. A Waste Collecting Tray (enables recycling of water back to the Water Tank)

  • Up to 3 500 kg/hour/machine
  • Your Gateway to Premium Quality Cherries.
  • Unique in the world
  • Machines running since their first installation in 2001

The typical configuration is an exit onto a Fachaux size-grader through dewatering channels. Interconnection to other manufacturers grading/sorting machine or conveyor has been achieved in prior installations. Better results are obtained if the cherries exit via a dewatering conveyor belt.

Fruit Quality

  • Is comparable to separating the cherries by hand
  • Processes all sizes and all varieties of cherries
  • Growers and packers experience more than 90% of cherries being singled out, depending on water hydraulic system speed
  • Better presentation of stem (suitable length, no dryness or browning)
  • Very gentle with the fruit – Premium quality verified by “Domaine Experimental La Tapy”, Cherry Research Centre of Horticulture France (www.ctifl.fr)
  • Replace the cluster cutter method, which is the first cause of pitting damage in a packinghouse (source: article J6I1A of Washington State University - Tree Fruit Post-harvest Research Centre)


Two (2) Models are available:

  1. ‘Medium Size’ separator: processes up to 1,200 kg/hour
  2. ‘High Capacity’ separator: processes up to 2,500 kg/hour

In some current installations, two (2) ‘High Capacity’ separators have been installed in parallel, therefore enabling an output rate of 5,000 kg/hour.

A Variable Speed Drive allows fine tuning of the Separator, which may be required for different varieties.


All parts in contact with the cherries and water are manufactured from stainless steel. PP-plastic is used for the manufacture the Dewatering Conveyor. The chassis itself is manufactured from painted steel.

On-going Water Usage:

  • Minimal. Water for the dumping basin will need to be refreshed (changed) regularly (as per food handling regulations).

‘Medium Size’ Separator

  • Total equipment size: 1.2m wide x 3.5m long
  • Water Tank: 400 litres (recommended)
  • Motor: Variable Speed Drive

‘High Capacity’ Separator

  • Total equipment size: 1.5m wide x 4.5m long
  • Water Tank: 800 litres (recommended)
  • Motor: Variable Speed Drive

Control Switchboard:

  • Provided (cabinet manufactured from painted steel)

Installation Requirements:

  • Power supply: Single phase 240V / 50 Hz as per Australian and EU standard
  • Water supply fittings: Standard flexible water hose can be used.
  • Waste water: Male Connection to a female water valve (1” or 33/42mm)


Only minimal maintenance is required.

Refer to the User Manual for specific Maintenance requirements.

Standard version

Exit from Separator via Dewatering Channels

  • Cherries flow from the water hydraulic system exit basin into a series of channels.
  • As the channel narrows, most of the water flows over the edges of the channels
  • The remaining flow of water carries the cherriesto the next phase of the packing line
  • Is a proven cost-effective solution for the input of a ‘Fachaux’ size-grader
  • Gravity-based solution (no maintenance required)


  • Equipment manufactured on castor wheels
  • Separator Water Tank automatic top-up system
  • Water cooling system

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