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First and foremost, a Westwood is a superb lawnmower capable of producing a fine finish whether cutting for collection, mulching or high grass mulching.

With over 30 years of continuous research and development, Westwood cutter decks are designed specifically for British grass and climate. Here, the grass is lush, long, phenomenally fast-growing and frequently wet. Britons often demand a short cut on a formal lawn and also the ability to roughcut even in wet conditions without clogging.

The Vector flow cutter deck has three, razor sharp integrated blades. These finely cut the grass and direct it to the discharge chute at the rear of the deck ready for collection by the optional Powered Grass Collector. The cutters have been designed specifically not to clog, even when cutting wet grass. The Vector Flow deck is also one of the quietest in the world.

Whether cutting for collection or mulching, the Combi deck offers the best of both worlds. It can be converted from a rear discharge cutter to a superb mulcher.

The high grass mulching deck gives you the ability to mulch tall grass, stinging nettles and even brambles.