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Soil Testing Laboratory: We have had a fully staffed soils lab at ASM since 1982. We currently run all of the basic soil analysis including soil cyst nematode (SCN) assays. We are also a member in good standing with the Illinois Soil Testing Association and cooperate with their quality assurance program.

 Basic Soil Testing Program and GPS Field Mapping

Grid pattern soil sampling on a 3.3acre grid size (330x440). Soil sample sites, boundaries, and features will be geo-referenced. We have many program enhancements also available, such as grid mapping, tile mapping, 2.5 acre grid sampling, and soil composite analysis. These options allow you to customize this program to fit your specific needs.

• Integrated Pest Management and Crop Inspection

Our ASM Scouting Staff has a combined 50+ years of experience for scouting European Corn Borer, Rootworm Beetles, herbicide resistant weeds, and many diseases. 

• Independent Agronomic Consulting and Yield Data Analysis (Field, Farm, Regional)

We are always available for any questions you may have. As agronomic consultants, we strive to stay on top of new advances in agriculture technology. We are always in touch with university professors, extension specialists and chemical companies to give you up to date information.

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