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Kleffmann Group offers via its amis® system, worldwide farmer based panel information for all major crops - covering seeds and crop protection inputs. We are conducting amis®Seed farmer based panels as well as amis®Crop Protection farmer based panels. Typical results of these surveys include information about market penetration and market share of plant protection products or per variety, seeding and application rates, pricing as well as brand loyalty and market trend changes.

The full crop cycle can be analysed ranging from sowing of the varieties to the final crop protection sprayings. The amis® system is supported by both quantitative and qualitative data and enables us to gain deep insights into farmers' purchase behavior and decisions. The survey data can finally be accessed by our unique and specially developed software tools. The online tool amis®4you enables the user to create their own data analyses, tables and reports. Because the studies provide compatibility with other global data conducted by Kleffmann Group, clients may have a single source of interactive, complete market share information that is comparable from country to country and crop to crop.

National crop protection market overview:
An innovative concept which provides clients with valuable insights of the wider market dynamics as well as the detail of chemical inputs within the agri-chemical sector, covering the supply channel from the producer and end-user of crop protection products, collated from desk research and expert interviews.
AMIS Global
A joint venture between Kleffmann Group and Phillips McDougall:
AMIS Global is an easy to use database providing a comprehensive breakdown of the global crop protection and seed markets by geography and crop group, down to brand level sales of the leading products. Linking the ‘top down’ global analysis of Phillips McDougall with the ‘bottom up’ Kleffmann Group global market research, AMIS Global is unique in the market research industry.

Desk Research
In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of “Desk Research” studies. Desk Research involves gathering data that has been conducted in recent years by Kleffmann Group. Already existing data will be analyzed and evaluated suitable to your needs.

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