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Animal Identification and Tissue Sampling Services

Nordic Star is pleased to announce that now available are the Animal Identification and Tissue Sampling Ear Tags. Our Tags are easy to use and we have our own laboratories to conduct a range of disease tests.

Please see below for some information on the Tags:

Animal identification with tissue sampling in one step:

  • Established system
  • Genetic heritage test, genotyping, disease diagnostics
  • No cooling of the sample needed
  • Laboratory technology with automated detection of each sample and opening of the sample container
  • Sample container with 2D barcode
  • Container plain or transparent
  • Compatible for standard 96 format

  • Large or Medium sizes available (56mm x 78mm Large, 56mm x 59mm Medium)
  • Available as both Primary & Secondary tags.
  • Green Seal lid
  • Pre printed sample vial, with UK herd number & animal number.
  • Hard cutting and retaining ring for smooth cuts and highest pull out resistance
  • Large tags also available in white as a Secondary tag.
  • Recommended for Cattle

  • Diameter 28mm
  • Recommended for cattle, sheep
  • Available as a pre printed management tag and an official Secondary tag

These Tags have numerous uses including DNA sampling and testing for BVD.

  • New from Nordic Star – Tag and Test allows producers to accurately identify BVDv PI cattle within the first week of life
  • Order standard DEFRA approved tags from Nordic Star (part of the NMR Group)
  • After birth, tag calf as normal but ensure tissue sample is collected in the bar-coded vial attached to the tag
  • Post the bar-coded vial to the National Milk Laboratories (part of the NMR Group) using the pre-addressed label
  • Tissue samples are tested for BVDv virus (PI) and the results returned to the farm/vet within 5 working days.
  • Consult your vet regarding removal of BVDv virus carriers before incurring costs associated with disease outbreak and rearing.
  • Please note that all samples are visually checked within the lab. If there is any doubt regarding the viability of the sample, customers are informed and a replacement tag is sent out free of charge.

The Scottish Government has committed to supporting an ambitious industry-led scheme to eradicate BVD from Scotland and NML are able to help you with testing services at our Glasgow based Laboratory.

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