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Nordic Star Cattle Tags have the following Benefits: Tags feature a unique cutting ring that aids healing. Tamper proof cap has air holes, again to aid healing. Carefully designed round shoulders on tags to prevent snagging and tag loss. The cutting ring and cutaway in the pin mean free rotation of tags with no sticking. Tags are manufactured from very high quality plastic with no sharp edges. Tags are 33% stronger than required by the authorities*. Tags do not degrade in UV light due to additives. Extra additives to plastic to ensure clear and bold laser printing.

  • All tags in our range are approved by DEFRA as official Ear Tags, and PAS 44 Accredited
  • Printed tags come mounted on cards in numeric order.
  • Excellent Quality Tags at a reasonable price
  • Prices start from 99p Per Pair of New Run Tags & £2.40 for Replacement Tags with Free Postage.
  • Replacements are the same price regardless of ear tag type, excluding EID Tags. Please note that we do not supply replacement metal ear tags. Lost or illegible metal ear tags are replaced with a Boss 2, Boss 3 or Button.

*The PAS 44 baseline for tensile tag strength is 280N our tags give an average result of 416N before weathering and 373N after weathering.

New Customers

  • Nordic Star will Give You a Free Applicator when You Place Your First Order of 100 Combination Tags!
  • For further tag pricing please call 0800 731 9465 or click the link below to send us an enquiry

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