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Seafood Intelligence

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Besides providing an international news monitoring & market comment service, Seafood Intelligence also carries out consultancy & in-depth analysis work on specific market or species-related aspects of the seafood trade (from raw material production and harvest to VAPs, retail and consumers) for corporate, governmental clients and other organisations. We have a keen interest in Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) as applied to the seafood/aquaculture/salmon sector to define 'Sustainability'. We are setting up a number of monitoring initiatives targeted at the largest players in the industry.

We have extensive experience in monitoring and writing reports on the global seafood business and the aquaculture sector (e.g. farmed salmon) in particular. We have access to a broad spectrum of industry, stakeholder sources and to many regulatory bodies worldwide. Our consultancy clients have included financial institutions and government departments.
We have for instance been commissioned by banks and companies planning stock exchange listing in Norway for medium to long-term salmon market forecasts; and by industry organisations and government departments for species-specific market & fish stock data assessments prior to international quota & price negotiations in Asia and North America. We also provide insight & analysis, advising on market development & corporate strategy & industry communication & risk(s) analysis.

Our seafood sector intelligence results from the collection of business and competitive information through legal and ethical methods. Seafood intelligence monitors global media publications & broadcasts, trade journals, SEC & other stock exchange filings, academic journals, R&D organisations' & governmental communications, specialised & international databases, price & import/exports fluctuations, contacts & interviews with industry/NGO decision/campaign-makers, etc...

We also provide on a per-project basis proofing and editorial supervision for specialised publications and offer English-French/French-English translation services in relation to documents & reports focused on the fisheries sector; for all topics ranging from science & technical to markets & legal…

The demanding current economic climate - together with the various challenges/pressures facing the wild fisheries/aquaculture & fish processing sectors in a context of increased globalisation & industry consolidation and heightened demand for seafood - affects many businesses world-wide in different but inter-related ways and compounds the value of economic intelligence applied to the seafood sector.

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