Design Services


CIDEC starts on your project in CAD for the reason stated above. Your mind can change during the design process easier than during the construction process. We focus on more than the parlor. Often the milking equipment contractor stops at the end of the holding area. CIDEC starts with cow flow and personnel flow, then to the parlor. You can see a difference in our designs. We look at forming to the earth and not into moving all the earth. Our designs yield constantly happier people and cows!

CIDEC also provides customized service and advanced technology to our customers based on their individual farm needs.
Our specialties include:

  • Customized Parlor Updates
  • Variable Speed Vacuum Pumps
  • Variable Speed Milk Pumps
  • Variable Speed Water Packages
  • Customized Water Heating Systems
  • Computerized Wash Systems
  • CIDEC Pasteurizers
  • Customized Stainless Steel Fabrication for Integrated Milking Facilities

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