Farm Diversification Services


Whilst there has been interest in, and uptake of farm diversification opportunities for some time there has in recent years been significant growth in interest in renewable energy opportunities and the potential for growing non-food crops. The range of type and scale of possible diversification, renewable energy and non-food crop projects is extensive and tends to be limited by the market opportunity and natural resources of the business. Estimates suggest that almost 50% of farm businesses have diversified and there has been significant growth in renewable energy (small and large scale) across Scotland’s land based business in recent years, particularly since the introduction of Feed in Tariffs.

This resource provides a series of information sheets on a range of alternative enterprises and renewable energy options.  This collection of information sheets has been established through the Scottish Government’s Veterinary and Advisory Services Programme (AA212) and aims to provide farm and other rural businesses with free access to current information and advice pertaining to farm business diversification, non-food crops and renewable energy project ideas.

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