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Things can be tough on the land. We understand that there are times during the year when cash flow is positive and farmers need to maximise their returns while at other times flexible finance for fertiliser is required. Incitec Pivot has a range of packages designed to give you, the farmer, financial flexibility. FertTerms Plus is an easy, simple and flexible new service to help customers take fertiliser when they really need it, and defer payment for up to 9 months. The cost is a simple dollar per tonne, per month surcharge. And the best part is customers don't need to worry about time consuming applications every season! It's a one off application process. And when placing an order, all you have to do is select the deferred payment terms and we'll handle the rest. It's that simple


  • 1 page application form
  • Apply ONCE! No need to re-apply every season
  • Simply nominate the payment term when ordering


  • To understand 
  • To calculate ($ per tonne, per month surcharge)
  • To apply
  • To use


  • Choose a term from 1 - 9 months to pay

The generous extended terms offered by FertTerms Plus incur a surcharge on a sliding scale as shown below.

Note: the product prices and surcharges shown above are ex GST (and are subject to change without notice). The surcharge will be calculated on the total cost of the product together with any related services that are also sold on a per tonne or per kilolitre basis. FertTerms Plus offers generous extended payment terms from 1 to 9 months. 

To apply for FertTerms plus, simply complete the enclosed application form and Direct Debit request. It is important you complete the Direct Debit form as approval is conditional on this being completed and signed.

Please note Direct Debit is the only payment method available for FertTerms Plus.

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