Fish Breeding Technology / African Catfish Breeding


The main activity of Fishion Breeding, starting point of the Fishion chain, is breeding Claresse. Fishion is part of an international network of fish breeding companies and has used her years of experience in the field to develop innovative breeding technology. 

Fishion does not catch fish from the wild. All fish are born and bred in hatcheries equipped with a closed production circuit. A team of biologists and specialists make sure that the fingerlings and the parent fish receive all the necessary attention. The parent fish can only reproduce when they are in excellent condition and all the circumstances are exactly right.

After the fish eggs have been hatched, all the fingerlings from the same parents stay together. This way their entire life cycle is track- & traceable. You will find more information about reproduction criteria under Product Quality.

When the fingerlings are large enough they will be transported from the hatcheries to the fish farms, where they will grow to market size. More information about the Fishion fish farms can be found under Farming.

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